Modern Mary Sunday

from by Redline Graffiti



You left everything you love and your whole self worth
In a purse in a cab and it just pulled off; And you forgot

You and mother dearest diverge on everything that matters
the most, oh, and, for once, you're in the right

And for once before you die, with your own two eyes
You were there to see her be in the wrong; but what's it worth

Give it all, give it up
Give a care, but keep enough
Tour de Force of half-chalance
Tour de Force of half-chalance

Give it all, give it up
Give a care, but keep enough
Purely for the passionless
Souls devoid of happiness

Out of sorts and in a daze, ready for the front page
But I wouldn't wanna read that interview
'Cause you're a wall

Find you crying at a bar with your make-up
Off looking for a young shoulder to borrow for a while
You lead them on

Everyday you seem to age and your options seem to fade
While you wait for the smile store to have a sale
You know they won't


And when you hold him
Will you hold him
Down in the good, hip sense?
Two fit misfits

Whats so important
you have to say it out loud?
And again and again


Nothing/ Are you sure? Are you sure?
Nothing/ But you were gonna say...(x3)



from About & Because - EP, track released December 1, 2011
Written & Vocals by Drew Moten
Guitars by Ajene Harley
Bass by Drew Moten
Drums & Additional Vocals by Donald Martin



all rights reserved


Redline Graffiti Washington, D.C.

Four Piece Electro-Rock Newcomers. Viva Redline!

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